Natural Power Glutamin Review

Glutamine is a product from Austrian based company Natural Power. The product description states that it specifically promotes the development of muscle cells. This review will aim to look at glutamine to understand what it does and if it can back up the claims from Natural Power.



Glutamine is a naturally non-essential neutral amino acid that helps with the transport of nitrogen between tissues. Heavy exercise has shown a reduction of glutamine in the blood (1). The amount of glutamine in the muscle is known to be related to the rate of protein synthesis (2) and glycogen synthesis (3) in the first few hours of recovery period of exercise

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Natural Power Glutamine can be used for people who want to increase muscle mass. An advantage of this supplement is that it has only one ingredient which means that it doesn’t compete with any other vitamins to be metabolised by the body. This product is best taken post workout. This product has no banned substances in reference to the WADA prohibited list when observing the label/ ingredients posted on the website..

*NOTE – This product has not been tested in a laboratory and may contain other substances that may not appear on the label  


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