Major League Baseball Players Association Enters Partnership with Sports Supplements Company

In the US, the Major League Baseball Players Association (MLBPA) has announced a formal partnership with sports nutrition and supplements company, Klean Athlete.

The deal, which focusses on Klean Athlete’s range of ten sports supplement products, will put an emphasis on finding supplements that are safe for MLB players to ingest without putting their careers at risk.

The agreement between the MLBPA and Klean Athlete is non-exclusive, and the MLBPA has neither confirmed or denied whether a similar agreement will be reached with rival supplement providers.

The partnership will mean that Klean Athlete will have permission to use MLBPA logos on its products and identify itself as the official provider of the MLBPA.

This move signals a significant step for a major sports players association in educating its players in the importance of choosing sports supplements carefully.

Speaking to, Tim Monk, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Klean Sport said “For players and trainers at all levels of the game, that means they can confidently incorporate Klean Athlete nutritional supplements into their regiment”

The ability to use certified supplements means that players can avoid bans ranging from 80 games for a first offence, to a lifetime ban from Major League Baseball on the third positive test result for banned substances.