The supplement industry is currently poorly regulated. There has been numerous studies in the past few years that have stated that due to poor manufacturing process contaminants can enter the supplement (1,2,3,4).

Our main goal is to improve the standards of the supplement industry. To do this we use external and internal audits based on our code of conduct which has been developed with feedback we have received from stakeholders within the industry, these include; customers, academics and the supplement companies themselves.

The code of conduct covers all areas of the supplement life cycle including the manufacturing process, claims that are made as well as other measures to ensure that the supplements people are taking are as free as possible from harmful substances.


About us

My name is Thomas MacPhee and I am the managing director of Supplement Standards. Our main goal is to improve the standards of the supplement industry which is done through external and internal audits.

Throughout my career in this sector I have had the privilege to work with great researchers in the field of anti-doping, which has led to this company being formed.


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