Canadian Cyclist Banned for Possession of Banned Substances

Canadian cyclist, Stephen Welsh has received a three-year ban for possession of banned substances.

Welsh was caught in possession of clenbuterol, testosterone and erythropoietin, all banned under WADA guidelines. The offence happened whilst Welsh was in Arizona, United States.

The Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport (CCES) and WADA agreed to hand Welsh a reduced ban of three-years after establishing that Welsh had not used the banned substances he was in possession of.

The ban means that Welsh will not be eligible to compete in any sport covered by the Canadian Anti-Doping Program, he will also be banned from training with teammates.

Speaking in a statement, Welsh commented:

I am ashamed of my actions and will forever regret my poor choice. It is important for me to note that my family, coach, close friends, team and teammates had absolutely no knowledge of my decision to order banned substances.

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