Top 5 Things to Look Out For When Purchasing Supplements

It can be a tricky thing when choosing a supplement, this article will aim to give advice on the top things to consider when purchasing supplements in order to avoid inadvertently taking banned substances.

1. Avoid Supplements That Have Banned Substances on the Label!

This may seem like common sense but before you purchase any supplement you need to read the ingredients on the label to see if they are on the WADA prohibited list. There are also ingredients that have different names so you need to be sure of what the ingredient is. If you are unsure of what the ingredient is then check it on our supplement ingredients page or if the ingredient does not show up then send us an email.

2. Be Cautious of Amazing Claims!

To stand out from the crowd supplement companies can make claims such as ‘secret formula’, ‘quick fix’ or ‘look twice the size with just 4 pills’. This is usually a way of getting people to go for their product and is never true. If you hear a claim and are unsure about if it can achieve this then check our site for the product or give us an email and ask us.

3. Understand the Clinical Studies that the Product has Claimed to have gone Through

Some supplement companies make the claim that their product is supported by studies that have proven its effectiveness. If this is true and you consider the product then try to access the study that makes the claim and see if the data have been interpreted correctly. In many cases companies have paid for the research, so there is a chance that there may be a bias towards the product. It is always wise to seek out independent information on the ingredients within your supplement to ensure that what you are taking does what it is supposed to.

4. Avoid Ingredients that Contain a Lot of Numbers or end in -ol, -stene or –diol

Ingredients containing lots of numbers, or ending in ‘ol’, ‘stene’ or ‘diol’ can be stimulants or steroids which are listed under a different name and may look fancy so customers desire them. It is good practice to do some research to find out what these ingredients are and learn whether they are safe or not.

5. Check A Trusted Source

Always remember, it is the responsibility of the person taking the supplement to ensure that it is safe. Use the internet to carry out research, keep a log of the research you have done and only purchase and take a supplement if you are convinced it is safe to do so. Supplement Standards offers a wide range of information, reviews and education on sports supplements, if you have any questions please email us at [email protected]