Top Supplement Trends of 2022

Top Supplement Trends of 2022

In 2022 the supplement industry is expected to continue to increase in popularity as the industry constantly looks to change and adapt according to a combination of market interest and research. This article will look at the top trends that are going to grow exponentially in 2022.


CBD Supplements

Whilst some parts of the world have legalized CBD products and are pretty established, slowly the rest of the world are starting to catch up. 

We will go into more detail about CBD products in 2022, this will include the different types, FAQs and looking at the latest, best quality research to ensure the claims are backed up. In general the benefits of consuming CBD products include pain relief, (2), may improve mental health, (3), lower blood pressure (4) and improve sleep (5). 


With the world health organization ambitiously wanting to end the pandemic in 2022. People more than ever are wanting to take supplements to help improve their immune system. There are several supplements that can help improve immunity to colds and infections if deficient in them. The main supplements that can help the immune system include; Vitamin C, D, B6 & B12.


**Please note that no supplement has been proven to cure Covid or any other viruses, and consuming supplements are only needed when deficient.** Check out more about these supplements here 

Plant based supplements

Recently plant protein has risen in popularity and is slowly being established as an alternative for people with dietary needs (vegan/vegetarian) and conditions (lactose intolerance, allergies, etc..).

Different types of vegan supplements include, Pea Protein, Rice flour and soya among others. Find out more about the difference between plant Vs animal protein in future articles soon. 

Personalised Supplements

With the advancement of 3D printing technology in the last decade it has led to ease and affordability of being able to print nutritional gummies. 

This has meant that companies are designing personalised supplements, by using a lifestyle questionnaire it can highlight what you might be deficient in and prints off layered nutritional gummies that are personalised to you! 

Different Forms of supplements

What has grown in popularity in 2022 are different forms of how to administer supplements, which include liquids, gummies and sprays. The benefits have been shown and the different forms include;

Spray Supplements – 

Spray Supplements are either designed to be sprayed in the cheek or can be applied directly to skin for absorption. The spray supplement which is most popular is vitamin D which is known to increase vitamin D levels greater than in tablet form (1). The theory to how spray supplements work is by it being absorbed through soft tissue or mucus membrane, The traditional tablet can take time to pass through the digestive system before it works, which is why the spray supplement acts much faster. 

Gummies – 

Nutritional gummies have been around for quite a few years. The main aim for nutritional  gummies is to make them more palatable with the hope people would be more inclined to eat them. In the last few years advancement in 3D printing has allowed companies to print gummies that are unique to you, which will increase in popularity.


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