Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) is a fatty acid and has been shown to have weight loss properties (1); It is found in dairy products and is believed that it plays a role in lipid (fat), metabolism.

The specific effects that have been suggest include; reduction of body fat, improved insulin resistance, anticarcinogenic effects, modulation of the immune system and reduced blood glucose. (2,3,4). However just as many studies have found no results.

The typical dosage of CLA in studies ranges from 3mg-6mg/day, which is believed to be in the safe. Chen et al. (5), believed that any dosage above 3.4mg/day had no other additional benefits.  

Despite the suggested benefits of CLA the studies that have been conducted on humans are incongruous. This is due to different types of CLA and different dosages given also most studies have not observed CLA usage on its own.




+ Suggested reduction in body fat      – Studies show there is no agreement

+ Suggested lowering cholesterol      – Different dosages used in studies

                                                                – More research needed to elucidate the effects


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