Company Profile

Company Name Nutri-Advanced
Registered Address Meridian House

Botany Business Park

Whaley Bridge, High Peak

SK23 7DQ


Audit Results

Audit Type External
Date of Audit 19/03/2019

Customer Service

Score: 8

  • 2065 reviews
  • 4% were 3* lower
  • 58% were replied to


Score: 0

No known accreditation’s

Environmental Policy

Score: 0

No known environmental policy

Self Standards

Score: 3

Mentioned about the ingredients but no information given about lab quality


Score: 12

Stearns, D. M., Wise Sr, J. P., Patierno, S. R., & Wetterhahn, K. E. (1995). Chromium (III) picolinate produces chromosome damage in Chinese hamster ovary cells. The FASEB journal, 9(15), 1643-1648.

  • Terrible study – Not relevant

Becque, M. D., Lochmann, J. D., & Melrose, D. R. (2000). Effects of oral creatine supplementation on muscular strength and body composition. Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise, 32(3), 654-658.

  • Old paper – slightly small sample size – significant findings

Borissova, A. M., Tankova, T., Kirilov, G., Dakovska, L., & Kovacheva, R. (2003). The effect of vitamin D3 on insulin secretion and peripheral insulin sensitivity in type 2 diabetic patients. International journal of clinical practice, 57(4), 258-261.

  • Old paper – small sample size


Score: 23

Breakdown of Scores
Category Score Comments
Customer Service 8
  • 2065 reviews
  • 4% were 3* lower
  • 58% were replied to
Accreditations 0 No known accreditations
Product Recalls 0 No known Product recalls
Environmental Policy 0 No environmental policy
Self Standards 3 No mention of quality of lab
Publications & Advice Irrrelevant studies – Old papers-  small sample sizes – lacking significant findings
Total 23 19/3/19
Further Comments
Several areas of improvement including;

  • Customer service – replying to more 3* or lower reviews
  • Listing accreditations achieved
  • More up to date, better quality & relevant research

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