Bulk Powders

Company Profile

Company Name Bulk Powders
Registered Address Unit 1, Gunfleet Business Park

Brunel Way

Colchester, Essex

CO4 9QX.

Website www.bulkpowders.co.uk

Audit Results

Audit Type Audit Type
Date of Audit 19/03/2019

Customer Service

Score: 6

  • 16,282 reviews
  • 8% 3* or lower
  • 57% were replied to


Score: 0

No known accreditation’s

Environmental Policy

Score: 0

No known environmental policy

Self Standards

Score: 3

Information available about lab/manufacturing standards but has information about the quality of ingredients


Score: 12


  • Article had no references despite stating the following;
    • 5-HTP is a compound that is designed to bypass your brain’s limiter on serotonin and boost mood

Beis, L. Y., Polyviou, T., Malkova, D., & Pitsiladis, Y. P. (2011). The effects of creatine and glycerol hyperhydration on running economy in well trained endurance runners. Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition, 8(1), 24.

  • Good study – Significant findings

Shirreffs, S. M., Taylor, A. J., Leiper, J. B., & Maughan, R. J. (1996). Post-exercise rehydration in man: effects of volume consumed and drink sodium content. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, 28(10), 1260-1271.

  • Small sample size – slight relevance to what was stated – incorrect study design


Score: 21

Breakdown of Scores
Category Score Comments
Customer Service 6
  • 16,282 reviews
  • 8% 3* or lower
  • 57% were replied to
Accreditations 0 No known accreditations
Product Recalls 0 No known product recalls
Environmental Policy 0 No Environmental Policy
Self Standards 3 Provided a summary of quality of ingredients & manufacturing standards.
Publications & Advice 12 Lacking referencing – mixed quality of studies
Total 21
Further Comments
Further Improvements – The following is a brief about what can be improved;

  • Customer Service – more replies to reviews needed / higher % of 4* and higher
  • Listing of accreditations
  • Implement environmental policy
  • Better quality references to enforce the statements being made

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