Company Profile

Company Name Biocare Limited
Registered Address Lakeside 180 Lifford Lane
King Norton
West Midlands
B30 3NU

Audit Results

Audit Type External
Date of Audit 21/03/2019

Customer Service

Score: 10

Reviews: 1434

2% of reviews were 3* or lower

83% of 3* or lower reviews were replied to


Score: 0

This company holds no known accreditation’s.

Environmental Policy

Score: 0

No known environmental Policy

Self Standards

Score: 3

Biocare has a section on its website which explains the standards that they set themselves in both laboratory and quality of ingredients. They claim that, ‘We use the best possible ingredients and processes to ensure our products are of the highest quality’. However there is no further evidence to support this. Biocare also 3rd party test some of their ingredients.

Publications & Advice

Score: 20

Three studies were reviewed

Kinosian, B., Glick, H., & Garland, G. (1994). Cholesterol and coronary heart disease: predicting risks by levels and ratios. Annals of internal medicine, 121(9), 641-647.

  • Good level of quality -old – no intervention

Lehtonen, H. M., Suomela, J. P., Tahvonen, R., Yang, B., Venojärvi, M., Viikari, J., & Kallio, H. (2011). Different berries and berry fractions have various but slightly positive effects on the associated variables of metabolic diseases on overweight and obese women. European journal of clinical nutrition, 65(3), 394.

  • Slightly old paper – not a significant finding

Larmo, P., Alin, J., Salminen, E., Kallio, H., & Tahvonen, R. (2008). Effects of sea buckthorn berries on infections and inflammation: a double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled trial. European journal of clinical nutrition, 62(9), 1123.

  • Old Paper – No findings

The Biocare website provides no evidence for the claims made relating to specific supplement products.


Total Score: 33

Summary of Scores
Category Score Comments
Customer Service 10
  • 1434 reviews
  • 2% of the reviews were 3* or lower
  • 83% of bad reviews were replied to.
Accreditations 0 No known Accreditations
Product Recalls 0 No known Product Recalls
Environmental Policy 0 No environmental policy
Self Standards 3 Expressed the quality of lab and ingredients
Publications & Advice 20 Slightly old papers – mixed quality
Total 33 Date: 21/03/19
Further Comments
  • Overall not bad.
  • Missing accreditation’s.
  • Old research papers.
  • No environmental Policy

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