In February of 2018 Samir Nasri formerly of man city was banned for 6 months later extended to 18 months for prohibited use of a drip which administered 500 milliliters of sterile water. This broke the WADA rules section M2; which states that;

‘Intravenous infusions and/or injections of more than a total of 100 mL per 12 hour period except for those legitimately received in the course of hospital treatments, surgical procedures or clinical diagnostic investigations.’

Despite Samir Nasri appealing for a TUE (therapeutic use exemption), its was refused and the ban extended to 18 months. The leak on TUE’s last year displayed the types of exemptions that have been given to players, in particular the williams sisters who were given TUE’s for powerful painkillers, which is arguably worse for the players health.

This contradicts the idea that WADA is helping protect the athlete from any harmful products and looks more like it is trying to justify to nations that the millions of pounds that they are given every year is being put to good use and is catching apparent ‘doping cheats’.

Samir Nasri signed for west ham on the 1st of January following his 18 month ban.